We closely support organizations and individuals in developing a digital strategy for their intended or
existing online presence through innovation and digital transformation.


Let’s talk about how your organization is doing online. I imagine you must have a website, some social media presence or both. You may be doing very well online, with a lot of traction, or you might not be doing as well as you would like. You may also be collecting a lot of data that will eventually form your “insights” and “analytics” which tells you how online users are interacting with your content, what kind of online traffic you are getting, and what this means for your programs and activities.

Content Creation

So what do we mean by “Digital Content Creation?” It depends on what stage of the content creation process you are at, but it usually consists of the planning and strategy phase, all the way up to the content drafting, posting and analytics phase through topic ideas that appeal to your organization’s audience. Your content creation process will consist of content planning, topics research, audience definition and other things which will translate from brand tone to how you will promote your content and eventually repurpose it.

Customized Solutions

If there is nothing listed for your organization or project on our services yet, we can customise a solution for you. Be it organizing and producing a virtual event, establishing and implementing an e-learning course for your organization, Implementing an outreach via Bulk-SMS and others, send a request so we can help you figure out a solution. We will combine the things you want us to implement and create a unique solution specifically tailor-made to suit the needs of your organization and projects.

Design Basics

Digital has gone visual and the discovery or engagement with your organizations content online is based on how soon it is seen or how attractive it is. This comes down to design, and no matter how small or how busy your organization is, your programs and activities require a visual presence. The good news is that, in 2021, you don’t need a high-cost designer using complex design software to have an online visual presence. You can create capacity on your own with tools such as Canva, Picmonkey and Crello.

Digital Branding Basics

Branding this? Branding that? Your brand this your brand that? This has come up a couple of times, hasn’t it? Without weird terms and definitions, I like to think of digital branding as having your organization recognizable when people interact with any content you have created or collaborated on visually online.

Email Marketing

If you have any kind of email list, you are potentially sitting on an “Engagement currency”. Email marketing is one of the (if not the best) best online engagement methods because it’s the most direct and effective way of connecting with your organization’s existing and potential audience.  

Key Performance Indicator

Using a simple definition, we can define a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a  measurable value that elaborates or demonstrates how effectively (or not) an organization is achieving its primary objectives for its programs and activities within its various projects. Organizations have mostly used KPIs to assess their success at reaching targets and the overall performance of their programs and activities.


So your organization already has a website that has a lot of content about your programs and activities? Cool! Your organization has been on social media for the past three years and it has a lot of content and you post every day? That’s wonderful! All your web and social media content has correct captions, hashtags and all that? Amazing!

Social Media Management

In 2021, if your organization doesn’t have any form of social media presence, it basically doesn’t exist. A huge chunk of interaction among people and organizations now takes place via social media, and this is vital for the success of any project that focuses on engagement or feedback from people. Therefore, you and your organization not only need social media, you need it to be managed correctly. This is done through adaptable “Social Media Management”