Who is Neil?

Neil Malilwe is a digital strategist focusing on innovative communication approaches, value reach and meaningful engagement. He likes to define all aspects of his work as “Purposive Innovative Problem Solving.” He is also a neophyte farmer. Over the past 9 years, his work has primarily been focused in the development sector working on communications focused on digital and online presence in the field of wellness, health, policy and advocacy among others. 

Neil believes in creating “tangible” impact by contributing to the actual solution development process at every stage. This means everyone’s idea, approach and challenge should be considered fairly.

He describes himself as an “Optimist-Pragmatist” – In as much enthusiasm as we might have to find answers to certain challenges, we should shape our optimism around the problem and carefully think about things realistically and apply logic to the most important points of the solution and to the execution process itself.

Through various opportunities and chance circumstances, Neil has had the privilege to experience African cultures and appreciated how similar our challenges and aspirations are. This has reinforced his sense of belonging and duty to the continent, realising that applying his professional knowledge to work related to issues that continue to hinder personal growth opportunities and continuing to learn from his interaction with individuals and groups is the best way to give back to society.

With the abundance of creative talent and approaches by young people across the continent, Neil believes more opportunities to access quality internet can drive forward personal and career development through innovation and desire to work on cool things, this can spill over to family and community development.

Neil has a special interest in the digital divide and how it can be curbed in local communities as access to information opens up doors to opportunities unimagined.

Neil recently lead the design and execution of the Nalafem “10,000” Signature  Campaign focusing on the 10 demands of The Africa Young Women Beijing+25 Manifesto. Previously, led the digital communications strategy efforts of the first African Union Youth Envoy during her entire mandate.

What he dose?

In a nutshell, Neil’s work focuses on finding solutions to an organization’s digital challenges, this involves providing digital strategy development and also execution and implementation. Among other things, this can involve integrating digital assets, creating and strengthening brand awareness, establishing digital campaigns for programs and activities, leading digital activation projects, and measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of digital channels through adjustable measurable KPIs, analyzing analytics requirements and so on.

His work also involves guiding various kinds of teams in the development and evolution of their ideas to bring together organizations goals for their programs and activities through problem research, design thinking, execution and continued positive feedback mechanisms. He develops and executes effective digital communications and marketing strategies with organizations, projects and individuals with an aim of reaching their demographic objective based on their program and activities requirements.

His solutions and strategies are all specifically tailored to an organization’s problem or challenge.

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