The World of Meditation, My Immersion

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June 24, 2016
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The World of Meditation, My Immersion

Neil Malilwe Meditation Peace Revolution

Meditation opens up a new world through mindfulness

As human civilization has continued to rapidly develop and evolve over the past decades, the world has become smaller and life seems to be in constant acceleration. Everything we do is based on how fast it can be done, the shortest time I can get from point A to point B, who’s the fastest athlete, what’s the fastest car, et cetera.

Although I’m an enthusiast of speed and an avid fan of motorsport, there are times when everything slowing down is sought and prefered, well for myself, my mind in particular. I wish my mind can slow down but still maintain its efficacy and agility, that sounds like stuff from Science Fiction movies, Professor X for those who are familiar with the X-Men. This is not so easy as humans have developed a repeat systeme in their lives. work, eat, do life repeat, that sort of thing, it gets chaotic, but order can be restored, perhaps through mediation.

Chaos and Meditation

Meditation can sort out your chaos problem

A couple of years ago I arrived at point in my young life where the world was, rather had too much going on, too much to process, this led to stress, frustration and somewhat losing control of my life journey. I had to find an escape, a drug (metaphorically) or a fix. I had to debug myself. Vice was an option, in ambiguity, vice is a very interesting and inviting prospect which clashed with my moral compass thankfully.

Mindfulness is a quality that’s always there. It’s an illusion that there’s a meditation and post-meditation period, which I always find amusing, because you’re either mindful or you’re not. ~ Richard Gere

Google’s motto is “don’t be evil”, what’s the irony here?  as saturated as the web is with non essential information, I stumbled uppon something which was not “evil”, the World Peace Initiative’s Peace Revolution Project and explored it. There was some glimmer of hope, I saw an opportunity and an advantage to aid myself, to provide myself with balance and much needed calm. I decided to take part in it’s flagship 42 day self development program, which is designed in a very unique and interactive way and has various interesting fundamentals and ideals to follow. I thought this would not be achievable, like Nelson Mandela said… we all know how the saying goes, most of us.

Despite the many challenges I faced going the length of the 42 days and some self discipline code of conducts, especially number 4 and 5 (I will illustrate about them in another post) I still managed and gained invaluable experiences which led me to seek and explore more, then came Amandla 2016, another short adventure into my quest for mindfulness and inner peace acquisition… (Mohammed Hassan, let’s meet soon!)

Amandla East and Southern Africa Fellowship 2016 Meditation

Joy, friendship and peace are products of meditation

When you get involved in the projects of the World Peace Initiative, you just don’t gain knowledge of mediation and inner peace methodologies and techniques, you gain and appreciate friendship, cultural diversity, akiness and most of all, the simple but yet powerful word called peace. It will make sense in your own little way but the impact will be uniform from within yourself to the people around you and will resonate throughout the world. Did I forget Yoga? my bad.

I was accorded the opportunity to go and learn more, explore and understand inner peace better through meditation and inner peace building at the African Amani Youth Fellowship 2016. I will not take this opportunity for granted.

As much as it is appreciated that mediation may not be for everyone, it has helped me greatly and improved among other things my quality of concentration, life and thought substantially. Are you curious? well, check it out and try it for a couple of days, explore the wonderful blog testimonies of amazing individuals, see what happens. Start your 42 day self development today.

Keep calm and feel Sabia! Sabai!

Meditation and Peace


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