Untangle The Chaos, Take Back Control

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Untangle The Chaos, Take Back Control

The complex controlled matrix chaos of life

Neil Malilwe Chaos

As  early as we realise our consciousness, we all start looking for our own niche in life. That sweet spot in which we can loiter and pace around until our demise or transition to another dimension. Whether life after death or reincarnation exists, we are yet to prove it scientifically. Despite whatever belief system or religion that governs our day to day life or if we are atheists or free thinkers like me, it doesn’t matter. What matters is taking control or taking back control of the chaos in your life, whatever it may be.

We open the doors of life and start living, before we are born, society has already set aside conventions, rules and laws we should live by, despite having free will. Political philosophies and systems have  have created a template to define how we should think and exist. Equal humans governed by other humans, yet we are homospeiens who should define our own paths and get to our destiny on our own.

Don’t get me wrong, without such systems and philosophies governing our current civilization, we would probably end up decapitating each other at every opportunity we got.  That’s besides the point though.

We find ourselves in a system of controlled chaos, so do our children (those of you who have) and those that follow after them, but in this chaos, there is still control. As human beings, we have control of our own fate, whatever it may be.

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”
Steve Maraboli

Living in a conscious  chaos system

Neil Malilwe chaos

Life is very chaotic, not just the fabric and matrix of the whole concept of it but even in our own personal lives, we easily lose control of it, get back control and lose it again due various circumstances, but there comes a time when things happen that make us fail to take back control of your life. Not addiction, not bad company,  not vice or being stuck in a job we hate, but circumstances that warrant a parasitic nature. Those circumstances that take the part of your our lives which defines our psyche. Literally takes part of our psyche and we remain stuck in a limbo between our psyche and that which has commandeered or taken it hostage.

All those things that are somewhat mundanely complex, such as falling in love with someone you can’t have, yet, or waiting for something you can’t meet, yet, or chasing something that you can’t catch yet, or aiming at a target you can’t hit, yet. Yet because as much as something may seem impossible, this is a type of world where you can never say it’s done, it’s over or it will never be. As similar as it may seem, tomorrow is completely another day.

Like the title of this post, as much as there are illustrations of some intellectual chaos to  this, I guess it is applicable to various circumstances or situations to where you need to take control or take back control of whatever it is you may have lost control of and start implementing the changes that best describes what you want to achieve. As much easy as it can be logically be, we are human beings and part of what makes us so is the fact that we are a functioning hybrid of logic and emotion. In some cases, logic supersedes emotion, in other cases emotion is more than logic and in rare cases there is a balance.

Fight, and take back control of what is physically and mentally yours

Neil Malilwe Chaos Control

When you realise you are fighting a realistic or proverbial battle you can’t win, yet. Don’t surrender, but retreat to regroup and hopefully fight another day. But when you are in a situation where you have absolute control of the situation, do not procrastinate, lay waste to the enemy army and once you have your hands on the enemy commander, pound him to a pulp and take back control of what is rightfully yours. However mindful you can be, it’s your life and inner happiness at stake in the end.

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