My judgement is already predetermined!

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September 13, 2016
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October 9, 2016

My judgement is already predetermined!

My judgement is already predetermined!


By: Neil Malilwe

Your honour, don’t bother picking up that gavel, we already know how this ends.

Being black is a default setting of vice, mayhem and Mephistophelean

If am black, I need to prove myself, my intellectual worthiness

My talents and capabilities are questioned;

I’m questioned whether I am smart or educated enough?

It frustrates you how I illustrate my art,

My black culture epitomizes cool and your child wants to take part,

Yet the sight of seeing your daughter in love with me makes you want to rip me apart.

My life is an interrogation without myself being present for the interrogation, (sigh)

Don’t bother sending the Jury out, the verdict is already predetermined,

I’m judged because I dress a certain way, because I carry myself a certain way, my swagger,

6 copper shells will be emptied in my chest 6 times for 6 days

for 6 predetermined reasons, let’s make a wager

Maybe on the 7th day, when I congregate with my fellow folk at the basilica,

wait a second, I’m an atheist

But this has nothing to do with being theist, scrap that.

This is not about gang on gang crime, it’s irrelevant

but the trigger itchy law enforcers that are ready to bang! bang! any time,

being black, equals to your death being prevalent,

On the metaphorically black firing target.

Don’t say I don’t understand this because I am black African,

I have my black extended family living among you,

I have all the right to be concerned!

I maybe have it a little easier because am Zambian, a black majority

But my friends, from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana the west coast, pay the worst cost,

I’m the reason they call you an African American,

even when you come from the Caribbean coast,

A taller nigger, a shorter nigger, a smaller nigger, or a bigger nigger,

You are offended by the word nigger but you will still judge me for being black

Maybe we should be the decedents of Mansa Musa,

Or an Ethiopian Negus

We are all still in this together, because we are black and our judgements are already predetermined,

Even by the untainted flawed judicial system, the irony of the law.


Racism is not so palatable these days

because it’s  a delicacy like our trophy elephants and rhinos and lions,

Yes, I know, it doesn’t end well.

Black lives matter, well, nothing I say really matters,

Because when I go outside in a minute or so, I will still be guilty and charged for being black,

By my neighbours, my friends and my relatives,

because of the way I wear my hair, Zulaikha – The Weekend!

                          This shit is relative, when dose this end I’m no longer frightened

Because of the way I make my music, Desiigner!

I’m judged at job interviews, airport terminals and super markets,

I’m judged even when I’m walking across the street carrying a fruit basket,

Apparently it looks lethal enough to attract slugs that will send me straight to my casket,

The hypocrisy begins from our own black communities, regardless of the country of this black community,

How do we end this, by a clearer black unity?

I’m guilty by racial association, my criminal profile is black and being black,

You would think in today’s world it would suck less, regardless

It’s must be apparent, black lives don’t matter!

Let’s end this madness for fucks sake!

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