They Live A Love Forbidden

The bout of opportunity – The race ends at the checkered flag
October 9, 2016

They Live A Love Forbidden

They Live A Love Forbidden

The life they lead, the breath they take, the world they see, similar in all aspects, so different in many facets. The eyes that they gaze through, the hands they touch, rough, soft or phantom.

The glances they made consciously, but subconsciously, and the simple feel of her cardigan fabric that may have led to something so rebellious and so taboo, yet so beautiful. Goose bumps on his arms, tingles on his upper hands, is it because of the frightening feeling? boo! or just the play name adoration, boo! They can’t even imagine how it’s true. How can it be true.

An encounter so simple, a circumstance of pure chance, a fault in the stars, alignments in the right parallels. A connection of pure spontaneity, one wrong sentence would have led them far away, so far astray, never to cross paths again. 

The feelings that sprout so fast, the long anxiety. Will they ever even last?  A roller coaster so far high, this ride is a blast, but will it come to a sudden halt? He fears the laws guiding its velocity. The laws of emotion exploding with gentle ferocity. What is this all for? Is it just a shooting star? or the sun that rises and sets every other day?

An enamoredness created from nothing, with an impact so omnipotent, the absence of each other’s presence is the only thing that makes them incomplete. Just that one chain link to complete their bond. They continue to thrive, facing all the odds, they continue to sacrifice, bracing for an upheaval, they continue to remain vigilant.

This love… they seek it, they want it, they need it. They are no warriors, they are no soldiers or samurais, but they chose to be insurgents, guerrillas, crusaders of an emotional utopia, they fight to achieve bliss, or anything near to that without the interference of religion, culture and society.

They chose to fight it, every day, every night, ever full moon, every harsh weather, every low thought, every happy day. It should eventually all come to pass?

Her name translates elegance, it carries the weight of a mountain, a weight of a people, royalty, she’s a princes of his heart and the queen of there future. The love of abundance flowing through the Nile, and the gentle warm winds that blow near the great waters of their lands, or are these the suffering ties that bind? They don’t know. They are stupid in love.

When he closes his eyes, all he sees is her beauty, her smile, her gentle voice that calls the butterflies to calm.

An act so simple, a feeling so grand, sacrifices so mammoth, decisions so uncertain, a love so forbidden but feelings so undefeated.

The desires, the feelings and confusion of what or whom they have not seen outweighs everything that they have ever felt, to meet only if god wills it, but to meet only when logic allows it. Two different spectrum, one desired result is it all to come to pass as god wills it, as she say when it wills it, all they have is  will it will it be enough to just have will and wheel it.

The anger he feels, the passion he experience’s, the thoughts he endures, the torment they brace for, the joy the hope for.

Tomorrow may never come, so today, she is the most beautiful woman his eyes have seen, the woman that makes his heart tingle, perhaps the love of his life, as tomorrow is never guaranteed. His heart is hers today, as tomorrow may never come.

They fight to make it work everyday. They will make it work in whatever way. It must turn out favourable in whatever way… they wait, even though, this is a forbidden love.

And it goes on…

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