The bout of opportunity – The race ends at the checkered flag

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September 22, 2016
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March 5, 2017

The bout of opportunity – The race ends at the checkered flag

Opportunity is a funny word. It usually hinges on favourability and odds, thus to say are you always in an equal situation of achieving, competing or conquering? The power of chance. Can a circumstance come to fruition? As much as we may through ourselves out of contention, as long as we have any access of sorts, we are still very much in contention.

My favourite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities. ~ Mario Testino

No matter how small the opportunity is, always weigh in and fight because no matter the situation, your opponent and yourself have the same chance to win by a technical knockout, higher score card, or even by a single split point, we are only arguably tabula raca at birth but being in the womb was another narrative altogether.


Another analogy is one of a Formula 1 Grand Prix, it doesn’t matter on which position you qualify, what matters is race strategy and gambling on the first corner, staying consistent throughout the race and mounting an attack at the most opportune time. The race is very long and the individual leading might make a mistake. Play the positive odds. Senna’s Magnum Opus, Suzukua — 30 Oct. 1988

Many individuals including myself fear uncertainty and many become too comfortable in their current status quo. We conform to the required norms and live a slave leashed life without evening noticing it. The slavery of being excessively dependent on or controlled by things which actually don’t matter or add valuable value.

As much as risk as is not for everyone, the saying that the bigger the risk equals the bigger the reward is as accurate as it can be, especially in high stake situations or even situations were you have nothing to lose, the potential payoff is always great. But the question(s) always remains the same, how much do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice? How far are you willing to go? Just how much effort will you put in? Ask yourself. I do, every idle moment I get, even lucidly too and it always keeps me going.

We fail to play the long game. Can we say we fail to implement a self-impacting long con? Anyway, in hindsight, our foresight is very short-sighted and we look at the short term goal. As much as we should live in the moment and consider that everyday might be our last, it may be lacking greater sense of judgement not to project what could be and start working on it.  Think about it, what do you have to lose? if you meet your timely demise on your way to your defined greatness, you had been on your way there and that is an achievement on its own.

Leave the flakes behind, those who are seriously unserious and become seriously serious about what you want regardless of how small your odds are. (Your thoughts are in the right place as this was inspired by one Less Brown)


It never hurts to try, but once you have made a decision to try, give that attempt a 110% to the best of your ability at that particular time, you will be amazed by what would come of it. Before you can wear golden gloves, you have to start off with brown, worn out used ones, but the power in the punch is just the same, it’s force and ferocity that matters. I’m not advocating for violence but humans generally have a propensity to enjoy gladiator type sports. I do. Perhaps it makes a better description but getting the intended intention of the analogy is what matters.

So what is the whole point of my possibly utterance of banality? Well, just to simply say there is always opportunity in whatever circumstance and mostly in chaotic ones, so isolate and see, don’t look, perceive differently, find it and seize that opportunity no matter how small. I know, easier said than done.

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